Slasher movies

In this part of the website, I will review some slasher movies that I think are worth watching (as well as the bad ones because sometimes they are unintentionally funny!).

However, be warned that these reviews are not intended for people who did not see the movies.

Many spoilers are available in these pages! My goal is to describe the monsters and events depicted in those movies! These are not conventional movie critics!

So if you enjoy slasher movies, just choose the film of your choice below and enjoy!

Abduction movie review

Fortunately, I was doing something else while watching this movie. It wasn’t a big waste of time! Please, do yourself a favor and act like if this movie didn’t exist!

American Psycho 2 movie review

Mixing a classic like “American Psycho” with a teen movie like “Material Girls” isn’t a good idea if you don’t have a good script to back this new concept.

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