Animated movie monsters

In this part of the website, I will tell you a little bit more about animated movie monsters. I will talk to you about some of the most amazing movies involving 3D monsters, whether they are good or bad, funny or terrifying! Don’t be fooled by the fact by most of these movies are for kids! Some of them are very good, even for adults!

However, be warned that these reviews are not intended for people who did not see the movies. Many spoilers are available in these pages! My goal is to describe the monsters and events depicted in those movies! These are not conventional movie critics!

So if you enjoy monsters and animated movies, just choose the film of your choice below and enjoy!

Coraline: Visually fascinating!
Definitely a great movie if you enjoy stop-motion animation films, this story of a young girl searching for a better life is intriguing and very touching!

movie monsters
Corpse Bride: Nice adventure with the living dead!
It’s a short ride in a nice visual world, but chances are that you won’t remember this one for a long time once the movie is over!

movie monsters
How To Train Your Dragon: Explosive and captivating!
The ending might be predictable right from the start, but it doesn’t mean that the path to get there isn’t fun and exciting!

movie monsters
Monster House: Horror for kids!
This movie might be a good introduction to horror movies for young children, but for adults, it might be a little long and flavorless!

movie monsters
Monsters Inc: A monster festival!
Monsters Inc is a good movie with a great variety of monsters, but don’t expect to be scared or to be impressed by the colorful environment of Monstropolis!

movie monsters
Monsters vs Aliens: Good entertainment
Overall, this movie is quite enjoyable, but after watching it, you might feel like you had a very good time without remembering much of it!

movie monsters
The Nightmare Before Christmas: A Classic!
A classic movie loaded with imagination, strong characters, great music and a little something for both kids and adults!

movie monsters
Resident Evil Degeneration: Not very impressive!
Might be a good movie for fan of the Resident Evil series, but otherwise, forget this one and rent something else!