The Crazies movie review (2010)

The Crazies movie credits:

Directed by: Breck Eisner

Written by: Scott Kosar and Ray Wright

Timothy Olyphant (David Dutten)
Radha Mitchell (Judy Dutten)
Joe Anderson (Russell Clank)

Release date: 2010

Spoiler alert: some crucial elements of the movie are commented in the following review. Be warned!

My bloody rating:

The Crazies movie review

The Crazies movie review:

Disaster movies about toxic substances being released in small towns are often very similar one from another. In many cases, the plot is predictable, the behaviour of main characters are not always realistic… Watching of these movies can be enough if you don’t have too much time to waste!

The Crazies The Crazies
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This film directed by Breck Eisner does have a predictable plot: An airplane loaded with chemical substances is crashing near a small town of Iowa. Once the water supply is contaminated, local citizens are slowly turning into killing machines!

This movie is a remake from an old version that was released in 1973, a movie which had a similar storyline. Only this time, Breck Eisner and the writers were smart enough to add a few things to make the experience a little more enjoyable than your average zombie movie (even though no one is called a zombie in the movie).

First, within 15 minutes or so in the movie, the contamination process is already begun. That’s just long enough to keep the viewer’s attention and introduce a few main characters. These characters are believable and genuine, although some of their actions are not always 100% justified.

People who are infected are not turning into zombies within minutes. It can take between 24 to 48 hours before a victim can feel anything and starts killing innocent citizens. That is very clever since it creates confusion whether someone is really infected or not.

The action sequences, the tension and the dialogues are well-balanced. The pace is good enough to be entertaining without being too boring or confusing.

The cast is also great. No one really steals the show, but I can’t say either that someone delivered a really bad performance. Timothy Olyphant (the bad guy in the last “Die Hard” movie) is quite believable in the role of a sheriff who has to save love ones from the disaster.

Of course, the movie is not perfect. Although everything is made to create a story that could be realistic and plausible, some scenes are too “Hollywood” and exaggerated to be genuine (the girlfriend being saved in the last second two or three times).

Some elements are also changed to fit the scenario even if they don’t seem too logical for the viewer (most contaminated people are mutating from human to monster within a few hours while one of the main characters is able to do the same in a few days!).

Despite a few twists that are not extremely realistic, the movie is entertaining enough to help the viewer forget about these small modifications. The ending is also slightly predictable although not too much deceiving.

If you enjoy movies about viruses or mankind collapsing into chaos, then you’ll definitely want to see this one!

The Crazies movie review written by: Martin Berube