The Boogeyman movie review

The Boogeyman movie credits:

Directed by: Ulli Lommel

Written by: David Herschel and Ulli Lommel

Suzanna Love (Lacey)
Ron James (Jake)
John Carradine (Dr. Warren)

Release date: 1980

Spoiler alert: some crucial elements of the movie are commented in the following review. Be warned!

The Boogeyman movie review:

When she was young, Lacey witness through a mirror her brother murder a man that was mean to him. Several years later, while going back to the home that was the theater of the aggression, Lacey accidently breaks the mirror into pieces. The evil spirit of the man is now free and this one is ready to do even more damages.

Ulli Lommel’s film is your typical slasher movie from the 80s. The pace is quite slow, the tension is built very slowly and the scenario is very straightforward. Unfortunately, this same scenario is also filled with holes and not very fascinating.

“The Boogeyman” adds absolutely nothing new to the genre and the result is very disappointing. Of course, the movie was released in 1980 (and was probably made the year earlier) and the pace was probably fine for viewers back then. But by today’s standard, the movie is simply boring.

The cast is mostly made from amateur actors with the obvious exception of John Carradine. Most of the supporting cast were not involved in other movies during their one film career. The result is closer to a B-movie than a big budget one, which this film seems to be.

One funny element from the movie is the fact that both actors who are playing the brother and sister are actually sharing the same parents in real life too. It doesn’t add anything more to the movie, but it’s a fun fact to be aware of.

Special effects are very basic and simple. Most shots are hiding the fun parts and a few sequences are involving blood and gore. However, these scenes are very soft compared to things that are done in today’s production.

Just like any good slasher movie, some murders are creative and fun. Mix with a little bit of humor, a few sequences are enjoyable and entertaining.

The music is very annoying and disturbing at the same time. I don’t like electronic keyboards and this movie is loaded with creepy sounds and music made with this instrument. Perhaps a few more conventional pieces of music would’ve made a big difference.

There are no doubts in my mind that you must either enjoy movies from the 80s or have fun with below-average slasher films to go through this one without falling asleep. Either way, it’s a long ride that most of us won’t feel the need to take.


The Boogeyman movie review written by: Martin Berube