The Abandoned movie review

The Abandoned movie credits:

Directed by: Nacho Cerdà

Written by: Karim Hussain and Nacho Cerdà

Anastasia Hille (Marie Jones)
Karel Roden (Nicolai)
Valentin Ganev (Andrei Misharin/Kolya Kaidavosky)

Release date: 2006

Spoiler alert: some crucial elements of the movie are commented in the following review. Be warned!

My bloody rating:

The Abandoned movie review

The Abandoned movie review:

A woman named Marie Jones who was adopted when she was a baby returns to Russia hoping to learn more about her real parents. Once she arrives on the family farm, Jones is confronted with weird visions. She discovers that her twin brother is also present on the farm for the same reasons.

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Although the plot of “The Abandoned” is not very original (most of us can see where this is leading to) director Nacho Cerdà was able to deliver a movie that is creepy, loaded with tension and very scary at times. You will jump out of your seats on many occasions, I guarantee it!

The pace of the movie is good enough and the tension is present most of the time. The scenario does have a few weaknesses, but overall, even if the ending is predictable and a little bit disappointing, it doesn’t spoil the fun too much since the movie is really creepy and scary.

Both leading actors are not very well-known (at least not from me!), but they do deliver nice performances and their characters are believable enough to add credibility to the film. The rest of the cast is also good, so you should not be disappointed on that level.

Gore scenes are rare, but really intense. This movie is more about chills and thrills than grossing people out with bloody sequences. Special effects are great and the movie does use CGI effects, but these ones are nicely integrated.

The music (and sounds) also plays a big part of this movie. Some sequences are not too chilling visually, but the sounds are so creepy and the music so well-executed that the tension is very effective even if images are not disturbing.

The camera work of director Nacho Cerdà is also great. The plot does offer a few nice opportunities to create thrilling scenes and it does add to creating a dark atmosphere. The scene where Marie Jones is witnessing a murder from the past through a flashlight is quite chilling and well-taught.

The scenario does offer a few nice twists throughout the movie, but nothing too exciting. Once again, it’s a shame that such a good movie ends up in such a predictable way. More creativity in the writing (and a puzzle that is more challenging) would’ve definitely helped this movie to go from good to extremely fun and effective.

If you don’t mind the average ending, this movie definitely delivers on the chills, the thrills and the tension. Not memorable, but certainly enjoyable.

The Abandoned movie review written by: Martin Berube