May movie review

May movie credits:

Directed by: Lucky McKee

Written by: Lucky McKee

Angela Bettis (May Dove Canady)
Jeremy Sisto (Adam Stubbs)
Anna Faris (Polly)

Release date: 2002

Spoiler alert: some crucial elements of the movie are commented in the following review. Be warned!

My bloody rating:

May movie review

May movie review:

A lonely girl with a lazy eye named May is trying her best to make some friends (or even fall in love). After being rejected by a young mechanic and her lesbian collegue, May decides that it’s now time to find what she wants using an unusual technique.

Writer and director Lucky McKee takes a very original approach in this psychological thriller filled with nice twists and fun surprises. Even the ending can be guessed a few minutes before the movie ends, this nice little horror comedy if full of charm and very satisfying.

The plot is well polished. The scenario is a nice mix of gore, sex, humor, supernatural events and… craziness. All characters are well-developed and it’s hard not to care about them. Although the script is not perfect, the result is satisfying enough to make the whole experience highly enjoyable.

The cast of this film is also very well-chosen. Angela Bettis is great in the leading role. Anna Faris and Jeremy Sisto are also offering nice performances for both important secondary roles. Lucky McKee knows how to use great actors efficiently!

Special effects are also great. Some scenes are quite bloody and most of these sequences are available in the second half of the movie. Fortunately, the movie is not about delivering tons of blood just for the fun of it. Gore scenes are relevant to the story and only used when necessary.

The music was good, but nothing too distracting or overwhelming. The movie does have an original signature and the music and photography are well-used to enhance this fun aspect of the film.

Like I said earlier, the ending can be guessed quite easily at one point. As the movie is progressing, the main character is taking more extreme measures to get what she wants. Everything is gradual and well-balanced so that the viewer won’t be stunned by the ending.

Lucky McKee took the best of movies like “Carrie”, “American Psycho” and slasher films to create something touching and fascinating. It is very easy to identify ourselves with the character and therefore, care for her faith.

A nice tale of love and friendship and loneliness, “May” is a nice proof that horror films can have a brain and a soul.


May movie review written by: Martin Berube