Blood and Donuts movie review

Blood and Donuts credits:

Directed by: Holly Dale

Written by: Andrew Rai Berzins

Gordon Currie (Boya)
Justin Louis (Earl)
David Cronenberg (Crime Boss)

Release date: 1995

Spoiler alert: some crucial elements of the movie are commented in the following review. Be warned!

My bloody rating:

Blood and Donuts movie review

Blood and Donuts movie review:

A vampire named Boya is awakened by a golf ball after a 25 years sleep. Not relying on human blood anymore (blood from a rat is better!), our confused vampire will fall in love with a girl working at a donut shop and become the protector of a cab driver.

blood and donuts blood and donuts
Screenshots from trailer – Feature Film Project, Telefilm Canada,
The Ontario Film Development Corporation, The CRB Foundation, Daban Films

Don’t be fooled by the picture above or by the name of the movie. You won’t find much blood or vampires here. This movie is only a tale about loneliness and friendship. Indeed, I felt pretty alone while watching this film!

When your best actor is a director (David Cronenberg) who seems to be involved in this just to give a little help to fellow Canadians, you are in deep trouble. Cronenberg is not necessarily a bad actor, it just that the rest of the actors are not talented at all!

The music is OK considering that this is a very low-budget movie. However, special effects are ranging from bad to simply 100% amateur. Anyone can do better using MS paint today (the electricity and flames coming out of the car… come on!)!

Some might argue that this is not a serious movie and that it was intended to be seen as a real low-budget B movie. I don’t agree. A good B movie will be funny (because the script is amusing or just because the movie is so terribly bad).

Of course, it’s not the case here. Watching this movie is a long and painful experience. Dialogues are simple and not very engaging, the story is flavorless and boring while the director (Holly Dale, not Cronenberg!) doesn’t seem to be able to shoot a decent scene worth looking at.

Seriously, watch this one only if you are a huge Cronenberg fan or simply if you need a good night of sleep.

Blood and Donuts movie review written by: Martin Berube