American Psycho 2 movie review

American Psycho 2 movie credits:

Directed by: Morgan J. Freeman

Written by: Alex Sanger and Karen Craig

Mila Kunis (Rachael)
William Shatner (Starkman)
Geraint Wyn Davies (Daniels)

Release date: 2002

Spoiler alert: some crucial elements of the movie are commented in the following review. Be warned!

American Psycho 2 movie review:

Rachael Newman is obsessed with one thing: become class assistant of professor Robert Starkman, an ex-FBI agent who is also specialized in serial killers. Newman was fascinated by serial killers since she met Patrick Bateman in brutal circumstances when she was young! Of course, no one will stand between Rachael and her dream….

This film has nothing to do with the first one except that young Rachael Newman is present when serial killer Patrick Bateman is trying to kill her babysitter when she was younger. Determined to catch all killers that she can, Rachael wants to become an FBI agent and she is ready to do everything, even murders, to reach her goal.

The plot of writers Alex Sanger and Karen Craig’s scenario is fun enough to be entertaining. Most of the movie is depicted from the young girl’s point of view and although most of the twists are easy to predict, the whole thing is rather enjoyable even if it’s not 100% original or believable.

The ending is also quite predictable. It’s hard to believe that a young girl, even if she is quite brilliant, would be able to fool so many people all at once.

The cast of director Morgan J. Freeman’s movie is also well-chosen. Mila Kunis (Jackie Burkhart from “That ’70s Show”) is good and just crazy enough to add a little bit of depth to her character. William Shatner in the role of the deviant professor also does a great job.

The film is based on characters and gore lovers will be disappointed. The movie is light on gore and action even if several murders are committed by the young girl. Most of the killing sequences are suggested and hidden. It doesn’t really matters since the movie isn’t really about gore or blood.

Like most movies based on serial killers, the goal here is to witness the behavior and actions of one killer, a young girl named Rachael. Although the movie is somehow fun to watch, the whole thing just seems too unreal to be plausible. It’s sad since all elements were present to deliver a greater movie.

I did enjoy the music although most pop songs are easily forgettable. The score was fine with joyful music playing while murders are being committed. This is one aspect that was kept from the original movie.

This movie never made it to theater. It was only released in DVD which kind of reveal how producers felt about this one. Once again, it could’ve been much better if both writers would’ve made more research to deliver something more genuine and real.

Mixing a classic like “American Psycho” with a teen movie like “Material Girls” isn’t a good idea if you don’t have a good script to back this new concept.


American Psycho 2 movie review written by: Martin Berube