Abduction movie review

Abduction movie credits:

Directed by: John Orrichio

Written by: John Orrichio

Tony Rugnetta (Jacob)
S. Freddor (Donny)
Roberto Lombardi (Johnny)

Release date: 2009

Spoiler alert: some crucial elements of the movie are commented in the following review. Be warned!

My bloody rating:

Abduction movie review

Abduction movie review:

There is nothing wrong in making a low-budget movie. However, to make sure that this one will be noticed by movie lovers and critics, you need to make sure that your film is either original, well-made or at least based on a fun and interesting idea. Don’t forget to hire good actors to help you make a decent product.

abduction-movie abduction-movie
Screenshots from trailer – Castle Media, Orrichio Films

Unfortunately, John Orrichio (who is making almost everything here: directing, writing, producing, editing, casting and creating the music… oh, and acting too!) doesn’t seem to know these basic rules! “Abduction” is a disaster on every aspect of film-making!

First, the plot is not very original and loaded with holes and questions left unanswered! What’s the story anyway? Girls are kidnapped and sold (or butchered if not cute enough) in a small town named Process. Of course, this town is not on any map! Things go wrong when a Brazilian star named Bella is kidnapped and people are looking for her.

It’s not an original idea (Hostel anyone?) and the scenario is boring and flavorless, nothing to make things better. The cinematography is amateur and poor. The lightning is also very lame and anyone with a digital camera can do better than this (seriously!).

The actors are so amateur that it hurts. Nothing seems natural here… even the lines that these poor characters have to deliver. No one is a real actor here, but if someone is and paid for acting classes, please give him a refund!

This movie seems to be surfing on the “female torture” trend that can be seen in horror movies these days. I’m not sure about the real value of all this, but “Abduction” won’t satisfy any horror fan out there, even for those who enjoy gore or thrills.

Also, don’t expect to have a couple of laughs just because it’s a bad movie! This one is not a “this movie is so bad that it’s funny” kind of film! It’s just a long journey into hell for the ones who are crazy enough to watch it!

Fortunately, I was doing something else while watching this movie. It wasn’t a big waste of time! Please, do yourself a favor and act like if this movie didn’t exist!

Abduction movie review written by: Martin Berube