Aaah! Zombies! movie review

Aaah! Zombies! movie credits:

Directed by: Matthew Kohnen

Written by: Matthew Kohnen and Sean Kohnen

Matthew Davis (Mike)
Julianna Robinson (Vanessa)
Michael Grant Terry (Tim)
Betsy Beutler (Cindy)

Release date: 2007

Spoiler alert: some crucial elements of the movie are commented in the following review. Be warned!

My bloody rating:

Aaah! Zombies! movie review

Aaah! Zombies! (aka Wasting Away) movie review:

Four young people who have been contaminated by a deadly radioactive virus destined to create super soldiers are turned into zombies. Unfortunately, they are convinced that everyone around them are infected by a deadly virus… except them.

aaah zombies aaah zombies
Screenshots from trailer – Shadowpark Pictures, Wasted Pictures

Zombie movies are loaded with stereotypes. Original films in the zombie universe are rare and usually more than welcomed. “Aaah! Zombies!” (also known as Wasting Away) is one of them. With its original plot and unique perspective, writers Matthew Kohnen and Sean Kohnen have come up with something truly unique and original.

Other directors have tried recently to create original films involving zombies. “Fido” was a fun example set in the 50s where zombies are turned into servants. “Zombie Anonymous” was also based on a creative idea although the result was too amateur to be highly enjoyable.

The uniqueness of Matthew Kohnen’s film is the fact that the viewer really sees through the eyes of the main characters. When zombies are looking at each other, they just see the usual, normal human being that they are used to see. However, when they see “infected people” (which are not, it’s just the opinion of zombies until they realize that they are the infected people!), everything seems to go in fast forward mode.

Since zombies are usually very slow, it’s kind of normal that they will see a human go very fast! Another creative idea is the fact that alcohol (since it slows down the brain) will bring humans and zombies on the same level.

Of course, human are seeing zombies like they really are… zombies! The movie is constantly switching from both visions, the human one being in black and white while the zombie’s vision being in full color. It took me a few moments to realize that, but otherwise, the concept was very funny and effective.

The plot is simple, straightforward and well-written. Humor is well balanced and always on target. Some jokes are very predictable, but still effective. One of the downside about the scenario is the romance between two of the main characters. Some scenes are long and boring and this element doesn’t add anything interesting to the film.

This is a low-budget movie and some aspects of the movie are suffering from it. Actors are not all convincing, but since it’s a funny movie, it’s not so bad after all. Michael Grant Terry and Colby French are the ones who are delivering honorable performances.

Special effects are not always done properly, but since the human vision is in black and white, zombies don’t look too amateur or lame.

The music is surprisingly good and well-done. I was expecting something more underground or ineffective, but it wasn’t the case. It’s fun to see that a low-budget movie can also count on a great soundtrack to enhance the result.

Clearly, a movie like this one would’ve benefit from a bigger budget. Even if the movie is fun and entertaining, the whole thing seems to be shot with a $1000 USD digital camera. A couple of additional writers would’ve also made this film even more effective and funnier for sure.

If you don’t mind the amateur look of it, this original zombie movie is a breath of fresh air based on a fun perspective that hasn’t been done before.

Aaah! Zombies! movie review written by: Martin Berube