28 days later movie review

28 days later movie credits:

Directed by: Danny Boyle

Written by: Alex Garland

Cillian Murphy (Jim)
Naomie Harris (Selena)
Megan Burns (Hannah)
Brendan Gleeson (Frank)

Release date: 2002

Spoiler alert: some crucial elements of the movie are commented in the following review. Be warned!

My bloody rating:

28 days later movie review

28 days later movie review:

Do you enjoy zombie movies loaded with gore and blood? Do you enjoy zombie movies that have a fast pace and shocking sequences?

You don’t mind if the characters are not well-developed, as long as there is lots of action and thrills?

Sorry to disappoint you, but “28 days later” from Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, The Beach and Slumdog Millionaire) is everything except what I have just mentioned above! The movie is immersing and almost realistic!

The movie starts by showing the viewer the origin of the contamination. A chimp is tied to a bed, forced to watch several television sets with apocalyptic images on them.

28-days-later-movie 28-days-later-movie

A group of activist are breaking into the facility to deliver the primates that are used to conduct experiments. Of course, these monkeys are infected, releasing a brutal virus upon the city (and perhaps more).

28 days later, a civilian is regaining consciousness on a hospital bed. The scene is unreal. No human around him, only devastation and chaos.

Throughout is journey, he will encounter various survivors and live a frightening experience.

And when the main characters are found by the army (well, a small portion of it!), we also get a chance to see that monsters are not always infected by viruses!

The movie does end in a good way, leading the way to a sequel (and maybe more).

Like I said earlier, this movie is really about the characters. Don’t expect lots of gore here. And fortunately, it does work pretty well.

Boyle is doing a great job depicting a story that is attaching and fascinating. The end of the world could actually look like this!

Some scenes are memorable. I’m thinking about the one in the grocery store in particular. The pace of the movie is just right, not too fast, but not too slow either.

“28 days later” is a good sociological observation as well as a good horror movie. The cast is perfect, with Cillian Murphy (the psycho in “Batman Begins”) doing a great job holding the movie on his tiny shoulders.

If you want a good zombie movie that really cares about its characters, then “28 days later” is the movie for you!

28 days later movie review written by: Martin Berube